Payments and Cancellation Policy

V1 from Dec 22, 2020

Subscriptions automatically renew until you cancel

Payment will be taken upfront for your subscription (one month, six months or one year) using the card details you provide.

At the end of any period of subscription for which you have paid your subscription will be automatically renewed and you must pay to us the applicable subscription fees, unless you cancel the subscription using the “Manage Subscription” facility on our website before the date of renewal.

How to cancel your subscription:

You may cancel your subscription at any time by using the “Manage Subscription” facility on our website.

Upgrading to a different package:

If you change package (e.g. from a monthly subscription to a six-monthly subscription), the payment for your new subscription will be taken upfront at the end of your current term and on your previous subscription renewal date.

If a payment fails to go through:

If the automatic renewal of your subscription fails for any reason, we will retry to collect your payment.

If your card has expired, you will have 3 days grace to provide an alternative payment method.  You can do this through the Manage Subscription facility on our website.

If after 3 days you have not made a successful payment, you will no longer be able to access the app content.  You can however login and update your payment details through “Manage Subscription”.

Please Contact Us if you need any assistance.